New! Adjusted Car Line Procedures

(effective starting April 2022 until completion of City project)

Starting in April, 2022, the City of Boca Raton will be using our regular carline loop in support of the Boca Raton Capital Improvement Utility Project. This impacts our car line procedures as follows:

Adjusted Car Line Routes

(effective starting April 2022 for estimated 9 months)

Car Line Procedures

MECE operates multiple drop-off and pick-up car lines at multiple times of the day. Please follow the instructions below that pertain to your child: 

Early Drop

All Classes
Early Drop

Drop-Off (9:00)

Jr. 2's Drop Off (9:00)

Sr. 2's, 3's, 4's, and Kindergarten
Drop Off (9:00)

Siblings or Multiple Children
Drop Off (9:00)

Pre-K Pick-Up (12:00)

Jr. 2's Pick-Up (12:00)

Sr. 2's and 3's Pick-Up (12:00)

4's Pick-Up (12:00)

Siblings or Multiple Children
Pick-Up (12:00)

Kindergarten and Lunch Bunch Pick-Up (2:00)

Jr. 2's, Sr. 2's
Lunch Bunch Pick-Up (2:00)

3's, 4's
Lunch Bunch Pick-Up (2:00)

Kindergarten Pick-Up (2:00)

Siblings or Multiple Children
Pick-Up (2:00)