Please watch the video below to learn about MECE's COVID-19 policies and procedures:

MECE COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

These are our guidelines to protect children, staff and families. We continue to receive updates from the health department and the CDC so updates are likely.
  • Parents will need to be mindful of child’s symptoms and temperature before sending them to school.
  • Sign-in tablet will be sanitized after each car line. Parents are encouraged to have hand sanitizer in the car if they want to sanitize after handling the tablet.
  • Parents and visitors will not be allowed in the building. All programs will be modified to provide communication and keep parents involved.
  • All staff and children will have their temperature checked upon arrival at school. One degree over normal (99.6⁰) will exclude attendance. The child/staff member must be fever free without the use of medication for 72 hours, or provide a negative test result, or a doctor’s note to return.
  • All staff and children will wash hands upon arrival at school, before eating, after the playground and many, many times over the course of the day.
  • Staff will wear masks or face shields during car line and while interacting. Children can wear masks during transitions. Masks must be labeled with child’s first and last name.
  • Groups will not mix so there is no need for students to wear a mask while in the classroom.
  • Playground will be sanitized after each group using an EPA verified COVID-19 disinfectant that is hydrogen peroxide based.
  • Bathroom will be sanitized throughout the day. Doors, and other frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day.
  • No sharing of food-birthday treats will need to be individually wrapped.
  • All group programs such as Bibletime and special events will be modified so that groups do not mix.
  • Early Drop will be in the Art Room for Essential Workers only.
  • Lunch Bunch will be offered in the child’s own classroom or with their one buddy group.
  • Pick up car line will be adjusted so classes do not gather together but are waiting in different locations for pick up. Sibling car lines will require early arrival to car line.
  • Teachers will be vigilant about monitoring health concerns and will take temperatures as needed.
  • In the event of a case of COVID-19 the impacted class will close for two weeks. During this time Distance Learning will be provided.
  • Toys and surfaces will be sanitized at the end of the day.
We will follow all guidelines for further restrictions or an easing of restrictions when safe.